Leather Car Seat Repairs & Refurbishment

Car leather seats can be re-conalised to make your car seats look like new. Scuffs, scratches, tears and faded seats can all be repaired by Magic Mend. Using the latest technology we can match any colour.

You’ll be amazed at how refurbished seats can improve the appearance of your car.

We at Magic Mend can repair most materials within the car interior such as leather, plastic, vinyl and fabric. Plus with our Spectro Photo Meter we can match any colour.

We can cosmetically restore your leather car seats which will enhance the appearance of your car interior. If your leather seats are discoloured or scuffed we can re-dye them to look like new again. This is done by using a flexible filler and applying special, durable paint to the leather.

Magic Mend leather car seat repairs

If your seats are torn or have holes in we can repair this by replacing the damaged leather with a new section and then re-dye the repaired area to identically match the original seat.

Magic Mend leather car seat repairs

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